SOLD OUT! Soul Restoration in Yosemite, California

What if you could strip away everything that's not you, until all that's left is the truth of who you are?



"What if you could strip away everything that is not you, until all that is left is the truth of who you are? You are a soul with a body. You are a soul who is learning, growing, and becoming. You are a soul who has lived through countless experiences, each one teaching you something new and adding to the wisdom you have earned throughout your life. 

We get to keep all of the lessons we’ve learned from each of our experiences, and we get to discard all of the lies that we may have told ourselves about those experiences, or that others have told us about our experiences. Once we get rid of the things that are not true… and we invite and embrace the beautiful things about ourselves and life that ARE true… we will restore. 

You are good. You always have been. You are true. You are worthy. You are valuable. You are important. Your life matters. You matter. 

And just like all of us… some lies have crept in along the way, big and small. Now it’s time to dig in and clean out those lies and get back to who you really are. Don’t worry… you won’t have to do it alone. Everything will change when you shine a light on the darkness.


You don't need to change to become good, or worthy, or enough... 

 You already are. 

(an excerpt from the beautiful, life-inspiring course, Soul Restoration)


Come and join me in one of the most beautiful places on earth.... 

and let's get started on your beautiful restoration.

Yosemite Rose Cabin in Charming Groveland, CA


Surrounded by grand oaks, towering pines and fresh-water ponds at the edge of the Yosemite National Park, Yosemite Rose Lodge is the perfect place for you to restore.In between our powerful and inspiring workshop sessions, you might choose to enjoy a revitalizing walk along the grassy meadows and ancient towering trees.  It's soooo relaxing and peaceful here, friends!  You're going to just love this place.  

  We will listen to the sounds of nature, feel the gentle breeze on our faces, inhale the crisp and fragrant spring air and soak up the warm sunshine. Doesn't that sound like just the most perfect thing after this long winter? Yay! 

The night brings incredible skies for stargazing and wonderful chats with new friends. We'll cozy up and allow ourselves to feel the awe-inspiring power of the universe.  And what's stargazing without yummy s'mores?  Roasting marshmallows under the stars is one of my favorite things to do with friends.   

We will spend 3 nights and 4 days at the cozy Yosemite Rose Cabin located at the edge of Yosemite National Park just about 2 hours from Sacramento, and 3 hours from the Bay Area.

We'll transport you to the truly incredible Yosemite Valley for a day of reflection, journaling, easy walking, waterfall gazing, wildlife watching, and immersion in the majestic natural beauty your soul craves. Yosemite will touch your soul in a way you will always remember.  

We'll take full advantage of our surroundings and enjoy a specially prepared picnic lunch as we nourish our bodies while our souls rest, restore, and celebrate the beauty of Yosemite. 

After our day in Yosemite, we'll return to the cabin for a hot meal and some rest in front of a cozy fire.  


Your story is not over... you still have all the potential in the world.


  You already have everything you need to live a life of joy and peace - but sometimes we forget how to connect with our own inner strength, personal insight, and wisdom. 

The real you is still in there - and through this course, you'll find her again. She's waiting, and she is spectacular. 

In a beautiful setting prepared just for you, we begin with your arrival Thursday evening. We begin by honoring our time together with a lovely welcome ceremony.  We'll begin to get to know our new friends over a delicious and comforting candlelight dinner. 

You’ll enjoy wonderful Brave Girl traditions and meet your sister companions for the week. We'll begin to snuggle down into the comfort, peace, and love that is Brave Girls Soul Restoration. 

You'll take home some beautiful tools to keep you on your path to joy and peace, as well as some fun surprise goodies - because who doesn't love surprise goodies?! 

You will be lovingly cared for and gently encouraged as you bravely invest in this time to restore your beautiful soul, my friend. Come and discover what your soul really, really wants you to remember.  

I would love to take this inspiring Brave Girl journey together with you.

If your heart is telling you it's time to claim the life that's waiting for you, please, please listen my friend.  And let's do this... together. 

You are SO very loved!