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Truth Cards


  3 Hour Workshop

Choose from 4 different themes: Original, Love Can Fix Things, Gratitude, and You Have Moved Mountains.

We will make 10 mini masterpieces (truth cards) to remind us of the good stuff about ourselves and our lives. With a little glue and some scissors, you'll create art!  No art experience necessary.  Get ready for some fun and connection with other amazing women. You’ll be inspired and encouraged as we create Truth Cards, beautiful little messages of love and truth that are written directly to our souls. 

You don't need to be an artist to create Truth Cards. Everyone can do it! Using inspiring collage art, some prepared messages, a little glue and some beautiful bits and pieces, you'll create some personalized messages from your heart to inspire your soul. 

Enjoy the fun of sisterhood, laugh, listen to some great music, eat something delicious, and care for yourself a little. 

With four themes to choose from, this workshop is fun to take again and again! 

Everything you need will be provided for you. Just put on something comfy and come join us!   

All supplies are all included.  

$45 per person

She Did It Anyway


  3 Hour Workshop

Darling Mini Book Kit Included.

She Did It Anyway ™ is a huge message at Brave Girls Club. There is even a huge section devoted to She Did It Anyway ™ in Soul Restoration because the message is so, so important. Every single person who ever accomplished anything or met a goal or finished something or overcame anything or even just got up and made it through her day….had a MILLION excuses of why she couldn’t. But guess what?…She did it anyway. It’s just how anything gets done. There is no magic answer or mysterious secret….we just do it in spite of all of the long lists of excuses or reasons, even if those reasons are valid…we do it anyway.

This inspiring and empowering workshop is for making your own mini "She Did It Anyway" book, which will serve as a reminder of all you have gone through and all you have learned. 

You will probably surprise yourself as you create your own 'Story of a Heroine'.   

Supplies included.  

$55 per person

The Decision Maker


 3 Hour Workshop 

Decision Making Tool Included.

We are not powerless! We can make the best decisions for our lives and feel at peace.  

Whether it’s a personal decision, a financial decision, health decisions, work/life balance decisions… just about any decision … making good decisions is one of the most important and also the most difficult parts of life. Often, we feel completely paralyzed when making a decision so we just don't make a decision at all and either stay stuck or let someone else make our decisions for us.

Making good decisions starts with the brave work of figuring out what we actually want out of life, what we believe in and what we are willing to sacrifice for. Once we ask ourselves some crucial questions, and then make it a habit to ask ourselves those same questions every time we need to make a decision... it becomes easy to decide what will we do next in our lives.

Every decision we make affects our ability to make the next decision for our life. When we make our decisions from a place of power, knowing that we chose what we are living... life takes on a new feeling that spreads to everything we do and everyone we come into contact with. 

 Supplies included.  

$55 per person

Being True to Being You


  3 Hour Workshop

Create a gorgeous ink-jet-to-canvas project. 

To be a woman who knows who she is and who walks confidently in that truth is the greatest gift we can give to others.  

This workshop is about really seeing yourself RIGHT NOW. Looking at who you are RIGHT NOW and you have always been as well as who you have become. This lesson is about acknowledging and accepting and LOVING all of the parts of yourself, RIGHT NOW, wherever you find yourself on your journey.

We will never find ourselves by looking at others. We will only find ourselves by quietly, patiently, lovingly and mercifully looking and listening to ourselves and our deepest truth. It is so worth the work to be able to live with such authenticity. The greatest freedom comes when we finally take total and complete responsibility for ourselves, our lives and who we were created to become. Taking time to remember, restore and work toward our truest selves will bring great rewards to our lives and to the lives of all those that we love.   

Supplies Included 

$55 per person

Flying Free


3 Hour Workshop

Candle Project Included

Let’s all fly free together....then let’s help each other along the way whenever and however we can. 

This workshop is all about claiming the truths of our freedom, and exposing the lies that put walls around what is ours to claim. We are meant for using and enjoying the exquisite gift of choice. We are meant for freedom and agency and new beginnings and do overs and beautiful flights of our souls.

We are meant for it.....all of us.It does not feel good when we feel like our choices have been taken away, or we feel like we are not making decisions from our own deepest truth. It does not feel good when we draw tight constraints for how much love, joy and goodness we are allowed to experience in our lives. It does not feel good to feel enslaved by does not feel good because it is so offensive to our highest selves, our souls. We are all meant to live in freedom of spirit, of thought, of heart. Let’s take some time to really explore what may be holding us back or keeping us trapped. 

Supplies Included 

$55 per person

Go Where the Peace Is


  3 Hour Workshop

 Mini Book and Themed Home Décor Projects

When it comes down to it, the single thing we want most is PEACE. There is nothing better.  "Go Where the Peace Is,” a workshop all about how to find peace, and how to keep it and protect it.

It has been said over and over again throughout history that the most important thing we can ever attain is peace of mind. Peace is really what our whole soul craves and strives is the place where we can find clarity, where our wisdom resides and a place of inner peace is really what is intended for all of us.

Why then, is it so difficult at times in our life to get to a place of peace? And then when we get there, why is it so hard to stay there?

We get to choose so much about our lives, and especially about ourselves...we are not powerless. We can choose to go where the peace is, we can choose to create peace, we can choose to stay where the peace is.  

Supplies Included $55 per person

Let It Go. Let it Fall. Let it Be.


  3 Hour Workshop

Felt Project Included!

There are so many things that make our lives so much heavier and more stressful and more painful than life ever has to be...than life was ever MEANT to be. We hold on to things that were never meant to be held on to.

As human beings, we have the choice to hold on or to let go of our experiences, our thoughts, our habits. In nature, we see that plants and animals naturally let go at different seasons...the way a tree loses it’s leaves and then grows new ones that turn colors and then fall away again year after year. The tree does not have a choice about this matter....the tree lets it go when it is time to let it go.

Sometimes we have to let things fall away that we wanted to stay put. We have to let things die that we wanted to stay alive. When we let life be, and find joy in all of it....our suffering will decrease and our joy will increase.

Supplies Included.

    $55 per person

SoulBook Gathering



 6 Hour Workshop

Chunky little artsy books that will help remind us of things we want to remember about the good stuff in life. 

This fun, full day of SoulBook Gathering includes your  complete SoulBook kit to create your very own meaningful, unique and lovely SoulBook - a $50 Value! 

Your SoulBook kit includes: 

· the SoulBook workbook by original Brave Girl, Melody Ross

·  your pre-cut blank 6x9 inch SoulBook pages

· the SoulBook Supplemental Collage pack (40 different sheets of beautiful papers, made to fit perfectly in your SoulBook) 

· a pretty floral box to keep all of your bits and pieces in while creating your SoulBook

Some additional supplies to personalize your SoulBook will be needed.

$65 per person

Hosting is Fun & Easy!


  Our parties are SO much Fun! 

Gather your friends and family together to connect for some creative fun in a space where every woman feels welcome, safe, and accepted exactly as we are ~ and for who we’re becoming. With scissors, a little glue, some sparkles, paint, and beautiful bits and pieces, we begin to learn to create the amazing life that’s meant just for us.  

We’ll have SO much fun! We’ll laugh, be encouraged, and be reminded of our beautiful, capable, and unique selves while we are creating our beautiful, brave lives and connecting with each other around an artsy good time!  

Receive an inspiring gift just for booking your Brave Workshop Party. 

  • As hostess, you’ll create for FREE with 5 (or more) guests at your party.
  • For every future Brave Workshop Party booked at your party, you’ll receive 20 Brave Points.
  • For each $150 in product sales at your party, you collect 15 Brave Points toward True North hosted Brave Living Retreats, Workshops, or Brave Living products.  

--Host at your place or at True North Base Camp.  We bring everything you’ll need to create beautiful artsy reminders of the Brave life you’re creating-(and some fun little treat-s and surprises for everyone, too)! Let's get the party started! 

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