More Questions & Answers

What does it cost to attend a camp?

What would it look like if you were living a life with more joy, love, truth and peace?   What if when rough days come, as they do for all of us, instead of feeling like a victim at the mercy of circumstances, you were prepared to ride out those days with tools to protect your peace?   

Life can get hard, really hard.  We spend a great deal of money and time trying to find ways to ease our stressed, suffering, and busy souls.  Many of the choices we make are only temporary solutions and we are left to return right back to our lives of stress, suffering and busy-ness with no new skills, tools, or relief to show for our money.  Sometimes, our coping skills are actually hurting us and our family. 

Soul Restoration provides tools, skills, and relief that is enduring and lasts way beyond retail therapy, happy hour, or whatever other way we are trying to temporarily soothe our weary souls.  How invaluable is a life of more peace, truth, joy, and love?   

Check the events page for tuition details on specific camps.

What if I'm unable to attend Soul Restoration Camp at this time?

 There's good news for you, because Soul Restoration Camp will be offered several times a year. So, when the time is right, you’ll find a location and setting that fits for you to attend (or perhaps attend again, and's that good). 

Payment plans might be possible for the camp you are thinking of attending. Check the calendar for dates and details.  

What do I need to bring for a Soul Restoration Retreat?

You’ll bring your personal care and grooming items as well as lots of comfy clothes – seriously. Don’t you find it annoying when you’re told, “just be comfy!” only to find out when you get there your idea of comfy and others didn’t add up?? Ugh… At True North Soul Camp, some women may never get out of their pajamas. And that’s OKAY! I want you to be completely comfortable and relaxed. This is your time. You’ve chosen to invest in yourself and work hard to make your life better. Comfy clothes are just right for this work. You’ll get a more detailed list of items to bring, if you need them, when you register for the camp of your choice.   

How long is a Soul Restoration Camp?

Soul Restoration is a retreat lasting about 4 days. Depending on the retreat, you’ll arrive in the evening for a special welcome and to get the retreat started. We will conclude with a farewell breakfast/brunch and you will be on your way back home before noon on the last day. The retreat is broken up into a carefully planned series of discussions, self-reflection, projects, and independent and group experiences. You’ll receive the agenda for all the amazing plans for your retreat when you arrive.  

Why does the cost vary on camps?

 The short answer: Each camp requires a location and format. Some camps will include all lodging and meals, some will include meals, but require that you book your own lodging. So, depending on the arrangements for the camp, the price will vary. All Soul Restoration camps will include the full curriculum and beautiful True North Soul Camp loving and caring experience.  Check the calendar for current camp schedule and pricing.  

I have more questions you didn’t answer here!

You can contact me at: or call me at 209-679-3564, and we’ll chat.  I hope you’ll decide to come to camp. I can’t wait to meet you!  When you’re ready, there’ll be a seat saved – just for you.    

With BIG soul sisterly love,